Earth Day Beauty. Cut the crap and stop being "greenish!"

  Hey guys Earth Day is right around the corner! April 22, 2010 is this years international Earth Day and I wanted to do a blog that might get you pumped up for the occasion. The only prob is that I am not very earthy myself. I mean dah, I take reuse able bags to the grocery... Read more »

Hair and music chose me. Rockaholic day 2 America's Beauty Show.

  I promised myself months before the America’s Beauty Show that I would take vacation from the salon, my day job, for all three days of the show and that no matter what, I would get a good night‘s rest all three nights so that I would be awake and alert. Yeah, that kind of went down... Read more »

Hi, my name is Eliza and I am a Rockaholic. Day 1 of ABS 2010.

“Um, Hi.  My name is Eliza Siep,” I said to the receptionist at the 2010 America’s Beauty Show press office desk.  She stared back at me strangely as if I was a lost baby bat that had escaped from the inner depths of Hades. She didn’t reply, so I reiterated, “My name is Eliza Siep... Read more »

Look hot before, during and after the gym. This is what you need to pack.

I was reading a post on the blog Chicago Fit Club right here on www.chicagonow.com and I got inspired! Lets get your gym bag kickin’ with the right cosmetics and products to save space and money.       1. Face wipes are key to whisk away grim and time on that treadmill. On the... Read more »