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StockNGo Has it All and We Have a Special Discount Just For You!

You know how sometimes you are at the salon buying hairspray and you think to yourself, “Aw dang, I need some Windex, but I don’t want to stop anywhere else.”? Better yet, you know how sometimes you need both of those things, but you don’t want to go anywhere at all? Problem solved. is... Read more »

U O Nail Set from Ubran Outfitters is hot like fire! New Years Eve here we come!

So who knew, Urban Outfitters serving up the hottest nails to complete a fantastic NYE2011 look, and beyond? I am not going to lie, like a true blue shopaholic I hit up the Urban super sale this week and at the check out I was peeping the makeup section. Uh what? Urban Outfitters serving me... Read more »

Botox, new haircut, massage, manicure, Get a new look for 2011 on the cheap!

It is time to start thinking about getting a new look for 2011, and I am all for it! I know how good a new haircut or even a manicure can feel. A new look can be a total pick me up and add a much needed skip in our step this wretched time of... Read more »

Mojo Spa is a one stop shop for everyone on your Christmas list this year!

Christmas is about here. If you are anything like me you are in need for a one stop shop for everyone on your list because Christmas creeps on ya fast. The truth is that I found my Christmas bliss at Mojo Spa! I got a mani gift cards for some of the girls on my... Read more »

2011 new year, new hair!!! Black Swan, Carey Mulligan, Halle Berry, Maggie Gyenhall and Ginnifew Goodwin!

Ok guys, I have been noticing a this trend for sometime and I am finally going to say something because it is way to hot to go untouched. The two hair styles that you need to be reaching for in 2011 are right freakin here! The first is a tight black ballet bun with all... Read more »

Bond No. 9 takes you on a trip to NYC to restore the artistry to perfume

Everyone knows that the best way to find out about products is to ask the friend that “knows what’s up.” The beauty about the beauty industry is that it is always changing and you, in the same token are also always changing, so finding the right fit for a hair product or skin care that is... Read more »

The Caviar of Facial Moisturizers--Finest of the Fine. by Samantha Tsiagalis

Note from Eliza: Hey guys! Sometimes you need men on the street to give you the heat on what the word is in the beauty industry. Here is one of my partners in the crime Samantha Tsigalis with her take on a fresh line!   Don’t judge a moisturizer by its color! The tannish gel-like... Read more »

Puffy under eye? Dark circles? No more. Here are the tools.

Click “READ MORE” to see this post. If you have any beauty questions for me shoot them over and I will answer them ASAP! You can do this by scrolling down to the bottom of this blog and leaving them via comment. You can also find me here!   Follow Pretty Cheap Read more »

OPI Holiday 2010 Burlesque Collection is here!

 OPI Holiday 2010 Burlesque Collection is here and is hot like fire! I love all of the colors! These are the perfect amout of color/ glitter. Pick them up now now now because I am sure they will be gone soon like your dads hair.   You can also find me @ Follow Pretty Cheap... Read more »

Do you have beauty dilemmas? Broke and on a quest to look good?

 Would you like your beauty questions answered? Feel free to leave your beauty woes as comments on any post right here on Pretty Cheap Beauty Blog. I will try to get back to you A.S.A.P. You can also subscribe as a reader to this blog and get updates whenever I post right in your inbox!... Read more »