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I Di for the New Mineral Lipstick Line from Mojo Spa!

Uh, so around these parts we love getting our Mojo Spa on. Well, we wanted to let you guys know that we are in possession of one of their new Mineral Lipsticks in the color Red Velvet and it is toooooo D I for! Their new line of lipsticks are handmade with Shea butter and... Read more »

bareMinerals made me feel better.

Arg! Sorry that I have been gone for a bit. I guess even a diva is not immune to Strep Throat! Ew. There have been points in the last week where I thought I was dying. At one point I tried to sit up and write a blog or even read a Vogue and it... Read more »

Bare Minerals I.D. Clear Radiance made me a believer in minerals!

I kind of hate selling myself out, but I need to spit some truth right now.  I am a powder girl. What does that mean? I would choose powder over cream annnnything except for foundation and concealer typically. That being said I usually have a heavy hand while I am putting on my own face and need... Read more »