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The Makeup Show Chicago. They Gave Me More Than Just Makeup,They Gave Me Motivation.

On my way to The Makeup Show Chicago, I only half knew what to expect. Post interview with James Vincent, I had a better idea of what the show was going to look like…. Or did I? Yeah, yeah, yeah, we all know a trade show looks like, right? My only hope and prayer was... Read more »

Celebrating Individual Beauty. An Interview with James Vincent, Director of Artistry for the Makeup Show. by Eliza Siep

Ok, so you are me, and Jenna (bff for life/ Pretty Cheap co-author/ PR/ Marketing/ All things amazing with the world) sets up an interview with you and James Vincent. Jenna is trying to make me understand who James Vincent is, along with the unreal, “The Makeup Show,” that is on its way to Chicago. Uhhhhhh…who... Read more »

A Little Slice of Heaven at Saks Fifth Avenue! Giorgio Armani, Tom Ford, YSL, La Mer and Kilian!

So Saks Fifth Avenue is, like, the happiest place on earth for a woman like me. No one on this earth does beauty like the first floor of Saks on Michigan Ave. I love the whole thing, from the product to the customer service to the Saks experience. It is all there. If you are... Read more »

A Review of the Bonnie&Clyde's Fashion Show by Darren Jay with Makeup Review by Matthew Taylor

A Review of the Bonnie&Clyde's Fashion Show by Darren Jay with Makeup Review by Matthew Taylor
A couple of weeks ago, Eliza and I attended Bonnie&Clyde’s Birth of a Hybrid fashion show at Underground with our friends, Darren and Matthew. The show was presented by owner, Stephen Naparstek and styled by Tanya Arguelles. The clothes were outstanding and the hair and makeup were stunning. We thought this would be a perfect... Read more »

The Golden Globe celeb hits with makeup and hair!

Hey guys, so the Golden Globes was on tonight and I wanted to go over some of the hair and makeup highlights and what I lovvvved about the looks. Um yea, I could stoop kind of low and talk trash on people that looked like trash but, I really don’t have the time or the... Read more »

U O Nail Set from Ubran Outfitters is hot like fire! New Years Eve here we come!

So who knew, Urban Outfitters serving up the hottest nails to complete a fantastic NYE2011 look, and beyond? I am not going to lie, like a true blue shopaholic I hit up the Urban super sale this week and at the check out I was peeping the makeup section. Uh what? Urban Outfitters serving me... Read more »

Christmas and New Years Eve 2011 beauty check list.

Here is your Christmas and New Years Eve beauty checklist. Do not be on the naughty list when it comes to looks this season. With all of the pictures and family catch ups that you are about to do it is imperative that you put your best face forward. Here is a list that you... Read more »

Do you have beauty dilemmas? Broke and on a quest to look good?

 Would you like your beauty questions answered? Feel free to leave your beauty woes as comments on any post right here on Pretty Cheap Beauty Blog. I will try to get back to you A.S.A.P. You can also subscribe as a reader to this blog and get updates whenever I post right in your inbox!... Read more »

New collections from Tarina Tarantino at Sephora make my heart burn!

  So as well all know I am like a little beauty detective lurking the corners of any place that sells nail color or makeup. I am not picky, I can go from saks fifth avenue to the 99 Cent store. Whatever is clever really. All of that being said I do have my faves, Sephora... Read more »

Sex in the City 2! My famine of beauty is over.

My 29th birthday was last Friday on May 21st and boy oh boy was it ever a big one. Some days I feel as old as the hills and then other days I feel like I wont ever grow up. It has only been in the last few years that I have really come to... Read more »