Your Boyfriend's Axe Will Smell Better on You!

Your Boyfriend's Axe Will Smell Better on You!

So here is a story for you and it's a good one. Don't judge. My friend, Matthew (who had a guest spot here on the blog), came over to my place post-gym with all of his gay man goods in tow. I needed to take a shower, because we were going somewhere super important (I'm so sure). Right before I hopped into the shower, Matthew told me to check out his Axe for men body wash. Uhhhh yeah right, a woman of luxury would never think of such a thing. A men's drugstore product?? Right? Wrong.


See, I am the kind of beauty hoarder that will literally try just about anything once. If you can use it on the body, I will give it a shot. I took the Axe body wash into the shower and used it. Dang! The smell is divine, the feeling was fresh and incredible! I used Axe body wash in Cool Metal and this stuff gave me a blast of scent, while gibing my whole body this cooling sensation. I even used it to shave! Wowsah! Who would have thought? So the next day,  I took myself to the store and picked up a bottle of my own. Once I had used it down to the bottom, I told Jenna to try it as well knowing that she would die on impact from how amazing it is!


To this day, I am still using only Axe. I have switched to using Dark Temptation. YUM! Dark Temptation reminds me of some of the darker scents that I love from Bond 9 and scents like Angel or Tokyo Milk Dark. I have just started using the Dark Temptation deoderant as well and received a trial size Excite spray. Uhhh I am dying over this stuff so much that I plan on using most of the products and scents. When the commercial says that this stuff drives the girls wild, they weren't lying. I wonder what Jenna has to say about the Axe allure.... Take it, girl!


Well, I started using Axe for an entirely different reason. Long story short, I have some wicked BO. I have tried every women's deodorant under the sun, including the clinical strength stuff. I finally gave up and decided to try out men's stuff and it works like a charm! I like Axe, because there are enough scent choices to find one that doesn't leave my boyfriend feeling like he's snuggling up to some other dude. Like Eliza said, a lot of the scents are reminiscent of other perfumes we have raved about on Pretty Cheap.

The body wash also smells really great and not too masculine. You just have to find the right one. It leaves my skin feeling super soft and is great for shaving. Plus, this stuff is all around 5 bucks, so you aren't breaking the bank!





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