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Your Boyfriend's Axe Will Smell Better on You!

Your Boyfriend's Axe Will Smell Better on You!
So here is a story for you and it’s a good one. Don’t judge. My friend, Matthew (who had a guest spot here on the blog), came over to my place post-gym with all of his gay man goods in tow. I needed to take a shower, because we were going somewhere super important (I’m... Read more »

StockNGo Has it All and We Have a Special Discount Just For You!

You know how sometimes you are at the salon buying hairspray and you think to yourself, “Aw dang, I need some Windex, but I don’t want to stop anywhere else.”? Better yet, you know how sometimes you need both of those things, but you don’t want to go anywhere at all? Problem solved. is... Read more »

I Di for the New Mineral Lipstick Line from Mojo Spa!

Uh, so around these parts we love getting our Mojo Spa on. Well, we wanted to let you guys know that we are in possession of one of their new Mineral Lipsticks in the color Red Velvet and it is toooooo D I for! Their new line of lipsticks are handmade with Shea butter and... Read more »

Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me? Aaron's Apothecary in Lincoln Park Has it All!

Yesterday, while wandering aimlessly with my boyfriend down Clark St, I stumbled upon Aaron’s Apothecary in Lincoln Park. There aren’t a ton of places on that stretch and we had some time to kill, so I dragged him in to look around.  I was so surprised to see all of the different lines they carried.... Read more »

The Makeup Show Chicago. They Gave Me More Than Just Makeup,They Gave Me Motivation.

On my way to The Makeup Show Chicago, I only half knew what to expect. Post interview with James Vincent, I had a better idea of what the show was going to look like…. Or did I? Yeah, yeah, yeah, we all know a trade show looks like, right? My only hope and prayer was... Read more »

Faves like Eve Lom, Ojon and Australian Gold!

Uh, so there are soooo many things that I am obsessed with right now that I do not even know where to start. I just need to take a deep breath and do what I do best, spit out the truth about these products . Here are three of my top faves as of right... Read more »

Celebrating Individual Beauty. An Interview with James Vincent, Director of Artistry for the Makeup Show. by Eliza Siep

Ok, so you are me, and Jenna (bff for life/ Pretty Cheap co-author/ PR/ Marketing/ All things amazing with the world) sets up an interview with you and James Vincent. Jenna is trying to make me understand who James Vincent is, along with the unreal, “The Makeup Show,” that is on its way to Chicago. Uhhhhhh…who... Read more »

Get Dirty With LUSH! By Darren Jay

Hey Pretty Ladies!  We all know that women tend to take better care of themselves when it comes to their beauty regime. Us guys tend to be a bit more relaxed when it comes to our skin hair and unfortunately even our morning shower. One morning I woke up after hitting the snooze button for... Read more »