We Are in Love With the New Wella Haircare Line and Thairapy Salon in Lincoln Square!

When Jenna and I decided to check out the new line from Wella, we had no idea what we were in store for. We ended up taking our friend, Shannon, to Thairapy Salon in Lincoln Square to model for a cut and Wella color to try out the new products and color line. None of us had been to the salon, located at 4247 N Lincoln Avenue, but we received the royal treatment upon arrival!

When I think of a salon, I think of pounding techno music and some kind of intimidating setting, but Thairapy Plus is a totally open-armed, breath of fresh air. We were greeted at the door and welcomed into a soft, homey feeling space that was such a nice change from the overdone, club-like salons that have been popping up all over the city.
After the tour, Shannon sat down and we got started. Kerry Aalto (the stylist performing the services) and Shannon had never met prior to the service and Kerry really took the time to get to know what she wanted. I was surprised with the solid consultation; the stylist knew all of the right questions to ask. Shannon went in with very long, thick, wavy hair with about 7 inches of dark roots. I figured Kerry would have her work cut out for her, but she took her time and made great suggestions to Shannon, who was on the fence as to whether she wanted to go light or do an ombre effect. Ombre is a darker on the roots, lighter on the ends look. Think Carrie Bradshaw. Kerry suggested something warm around the face and they both decided it would be a great idea to take Shannon closer to her natural color. That way, she could go longer between appointments without needing a color service. With 7 years in the biz, Kerry knows what she is talking about. Jenna and I observed from the side and I was so excited to hear a stylist give an amazing consultation. That, in essence, is the art of doing hair. Without the consultation, neither the stylist nor the client would get a chance to know what the other is thinking.
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During the service, Kerry is efficient, but still takes adequate time with Shannon. While the color was on, I talked with Kerry a bit and found out that she moved to Chicago because her boyfriend is a Cubs fan. I also found out more about the salon. Kerry told us that Thairapy Plus services every kind of person and that the clientele is predominately young couples, pregnant moms, and people just out of college to their mid 40s. The salon offers coffee or wine and while you are there, you can check out the in-house jeweler. Emily from M. Rox Studio offers services from cleaning to watch repair and even jewelry remounting.
We went back to talking about color and I asked Kerry if she'd give up the formula that she used on Shannon, but she was tight-lipped and I couldn't get her to give up the goods (Good girl! A girl should never color and tell.)! She did tell me that she used Color Touch, Blondor, and Coloston Perfect from Wella's color lines. Kerry said that, "Wella is the most gentle color and I love it!"
While the color was still processing, I talked to the esthetician, Tamara Rothmann. She sold me a few products from Dermalogica and talked to me about the skincare and what she uses for facials and beauty treatments. Thairapy offers a full menu of facials, massages and other beauty services and Tamara knows her stuff. I definitely recommend checking her out.
I then took a tour of the new haircare product line from Wella. I was really excited to check this out, because I was taught with Wella products in beauty school and have used Wella products on previous jobs. The new line smelled amazing and offers a lot of variety. The new product line is great for colored and textured hair and even offers unscented products. Thairapy offers product samples, has testers for you to try and they even offer a money back guarantee. There is no reason to not at least give the line a try, right? 
Jenna and I played around with the products before I had to take off. Unfortunately, I had to leave before the service was done, but that's why there are two of us. Jenna stayed and got some more information on the new line of Wella products from Kerry.
Before I go, I would like to say that I am thoroughly impressed with the new line from Wella. With grace and ease, these products are taking us into the next generation of haircare! The latest and greatest from Wella need to be on your product shelf, like, yesterday. Find them here! http://www.wella.com/en-EN/professionals-care.aspx
Jenna, take the mic! xo Eliza
After Eliza left, the coloring process was done and Kerry moved onto the cut, blowout and style. She used Wella Brilliance Shampoo and Conditioner for Fine to Normal hair and the Leave In Balm for Colored Hair after washing. This balm is great for a heavy duty conditioner and also as a cutting tool for coarse, curly hair. 
Next, Kerry cut layers into Shannon's hair to lighten, add shape and to make it easier to blow dry in the morning. After the cut, she added Flowing Form Smoothing Balm for the blowout. Once Shannon's hair was dry, she sprayed her hair with Thermal Image Heat Protecting Spray before curling it. This stuff smells great, is lightweight and provides protection against damaging styling tools. Finally, a quick spray of Mirror Polish for shine and Shannon was set to go. The finished product was really amazing. You could just tell that Shannon was really happy with the outcome and she looked great. She even took home some of the products and especially loves the Flowing Form Smoothing Balm for everyday use. It's lightweight enough to provide a good shine without weighing down her hair.
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Everyone at Thairapy Plus was so welcoming and friendly, it was a pleasure spending my afternoon there. Owner, Rebecca Lewien, was more than happy to answer all of our questions and was always around in case anyone needed her. It was also really nice to see that she knew just about every person who walked into the door of her salon. I would definitely recommend stopping in and checking out all of their services. You won't be sorry!
Thairapy Plus is located at 4247 N Lincoln Avenue and you can call 773.248.5353 to book your appointment today. You can also find them online at www.thairapyplus.com.           

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