The Pretty New Face of Pretty Cheap Beauty Blog and New Banner Vote!

Dear Cheapsters,

Eliza here! I want to start off by saying thank you so very much for reading this blog. Whether it's your first time reading Pretty Cheap or if you read every day, I still appreciate the traffic, views and comments. I have had this blog since October 2009 and Pretty Cheap has made some of my wildest dreams come true. Without getting all sappy on you here, thank you for letting me have a chance to check something off of my bucket list.

So what is my next move? Well, some things in this life just come naturally, and adding another person to the blog was a natural decision. I have asked my best friend for life, Jenna Kimmel, to be my co author with Pretty Cheap! I asked Jenna because not only does she know me inside and out, but she also knows fashion and beauty from the perspective of the everyday woman. She is savvy and sassy and these are just some of the reasons that I love her so much. Jenna has always been my maven, bringing me the "must-have" info on music, fashion, hair and makeup upon impact of us meeting and has never stopped during our years of friendship. Her attention to detail and eye for style is sort of baffling to me at times, as I am the "creative and eccentric" of the two of us. Jenna marches to the beat of her own drum and I always ask her if I look ok before I leave for the day. In my eyes, Jenna was cool before being cool was cool. Trust her and listen up, friends, because Jenna knows what's up. A pop culture/sub culture hero in my eyes..... I am proud to introduce my best friend, Jenna Kimmel, to Pretty Cheap Blog!



In honor of Jenna becoming my partner in blogging crime, we need some help from all of you picking out the new banner picture! Here are some of the ideas that we are tossing around and we would love for you to vote on your fave by leaving a comment at the bottom of the page, tweeting us @prettycheapblog or @elizasiep, or Facebook <> ! 



P.S. There will also be some amazing guest authors popping up on Pretty Cheap as well, so stay tuned for the best of what we have to give to you about beauty and style! 




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  • I like picture 2! Come back and see me at gboutique, your blog is great!- tara

  • i love #2!

    beauty question: i have (in my possession) a lot of volume 30 developer. i'm currently a ginger (coloured) and want to go blonde but i have fine hair. recommendations on how i might do this? you are going to tell me to go see a professional, aren't you?

  • In reply to TwistedP:

    Wellllll..... you can do it. Just know that you might have to lose some length from damage. That is the problem with color huh. Try a color remover first then see where you have the hair. That might help. xo

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