Please Make Me the 2011 Girl. Vote Info Here!!!



Hey guys! I have entered the 2011 Dealavue Girl Search!!!!  Please find me, ELIZA SIEP


What is Dealavue you might ask? Dealavue gets you 40 to 80 percent off the best stuff to see, do, eat and buy in your city. Each day they feature amazing deals at an unbeatable price! Think restaurants, bars, shopping, sports, events, services, travel, recreation, sports and, of course, BEAUTY AND HEALTH!!!

What is the 2011 Dealavue Girl Search? Dealavue is looking for the perfect girl with the personality (dah!), looks, and that special something to represent the brand!

What do you get? Dealavue is picking at random each week a voter to win $500.00 shopping spree with!

What do I get? A prize of up to $100,000 cash, and a lot of other really amazing prizes, as well as opportunities!

How do you vote? click VOTE NOW and click. Now you should be here  Please find me, ELIZA SIEP, vote for me and if you are in a really good mood, please Facebook and Tweet! 

I love the fact that this site offers amazing beauty and health offers in our area! This blog is called "Pretty Cheap" after all, and I have made it my personal mission to find you some of the best deals in the city. This website just helps us along even further in our quest to find quality beauty services at a low price in these crushing financial times. Thank you all so very much for your love and support!

P.S. How would I spend the cash? I would like to help men and women who need haircuts, makeup and clothing for job interviews and can not afford these services on their  own. They can get the boost that they need in order to find jobs. I also wouldn't mind a used car to get groceries with. It's hard to carry a weeks worth of groceries on 
your back!!! HA!



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