A Little Slice of Heaven at Saks Fifth Avenue! Giorgio Armani, Tom Ford, YSL, La Mer and Kilian!

So Saks Fifth Avenue is, like, the happiest place on earth for a woman like me. No one on this earth does beauty like the first floor of Saks on Michigan Ave. I love the whole thing, from the product to the customer service to the Saks experience. It is all there.

If you are a newcomer or a tourist to the floor, it could be a little overwhelming. None to fear! I am here to walk you around and get your training wheels on and rolling.

Start off by joining the Giorgio Armani hot spot today, the 26th, with Tim Quinn at the helm of a massive Armani event. Need info on Tim Quinn? http://armani.beauty-mail.com/meet.aspx (Read that!).

Make sure to say hello to the Sacks Giorgio Armani Business Manager, Anthony Spiers, and have him show you the best that Armani has to offer this season. My personal faves are Blushing Fabric Second Skin Blush (uh I can not get enough of this feather light beautiful blush!) and their Eyes To Kill Mascara. Fab-U-Lous!!!



Then take a trip over to Le Mer and see my number one skin care girl in the whole city of Chicago, Rita Kiveste! Have her show you the latest and greatest from La Mer. The Radiant Serum! This light-weight love needs to be on your vanity shelf, like, yesterday!



While you are in that neck of the woods, see Elizabeth Bovino at YSL!!! You'll love the new lip color that you are about to leave with or any one of the amazing eye shadows that you have to choose from with YSL. You should also pick up a Touche Eclat. It is by far my number one concealer of all time. Trust me, own one now!



I was pleasantly surprised on my last visit to finally get a chance to see the Tom Ford Beauty line! Ask Shayan Khan to show you the lipstick, especially in the color True Coral. This is a must-have, because coral is the new pink in the world of lipstick.

tom ford-5.jpeg

One last thing to check out before you leave: Liaisons Dangereuses by Kilian. All of the scents that you will find here hit straight at the heart. So delish that you could eat them with a spoon! http://www.bykilian.com/en/les_fragrances/liaisons_dangereuses/


Travel Spray $135

Just remember that although Sacks Fifth Ave. might seem a little daunting, it is actually a great place to get outstanding cosmetics, perfumes and skin care. I have always found that everyone on the first floor of heaven has been a complete delight to work with and are never too pushy or snooty. Have fun shopping loves!

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