Rita Hazen Root Concealer Kicks Roots to the Curb!

Need a quick root touch up? Need to save some cash flow and cant spend it on your hair? Do you look like a hot mess with brutal roots? I have something for you! While my bestie Jenna and I were at Sephora the other day we found this amazing root concealer!


How does it work? Spray the light mist of Rita Hazen Root Concealer onto your out growth and BAM... you just bought yourself an extra day or two before a color job. If you do an all over color then you can expect to get an extra few weeks out of the color if you use this product the week or two at the end to get you through. The other amazing thing about this product is that it comes in every color that you might need in order to help you out of a jam. You can also use Rita Hazen Root Concealer on grey hair. Those dang pesky greys are no match for this product. 
I personally love products that same me money and time. Let's face it, who actually has the time to get to the stylist as much as we should really be going? This fast paced world calls for fast paced products. Two thumbs! Easy to use and just down right smart.

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