New Summertime LUSH Products and Grand Opening at Oakbrook Macys!

Oh hey there! Uh, so even though it is chilly outside, the weather is changing (even if it seems slower than molasses). As the weather outside changes, so does your skin. In other words, your face does not need the same things for winter that it does in the spring in summer. I have two great products to help you get your spring cleaning kick started. We want you looking beautiful as soon as summer hits!

LUSH, LUSH, LUSH!!! This place is more than just bath bombs and soaps. They actually carry some of the best face care around. I have some of the latest and greatest from their new summer line. Let's start by talking about Grease Lightning.
This is why I love it: This product goes on very cool and works with a tea tree infusion to help fight pimples. One pump will cover the whole face and mini pumps can be used for spot treatment. When Grease Lightning dries, it dries matte and smooth. This product does not suck the life out of your skin, it just kicks those pesky pimples to the curb! 
This is what LUSH says: Grease Lightning $10.95
Why this treatment is spot nixin'. It is skin fixin'. It is ingredient mixin'. It is Grease Lightning! The expert blend of herbs and essential oils soothes skin while it clears blemishes. The witch hazel, thyme, calming rosemary and antibacterial tea tree infusion creates a highly effective antiseptic that cleanses skin and helps spots disappear with lighting speed. Lavender oil regulates oil secretions in skin, a big culprit in causing spots, and works to calm aggravated skin with the help of soothing aloe vera gel. This clear gel will do your dirty work for you and zap spots so they become a problem of the past.
To Use: Dab on spots and blemishes with a dry finger
Now I want to introduce you to one of my new favorite staple products for the summer. Keep in mind that I have very dry and extremely sensitive skin. I also can get a little oily in my t-zone. Enzymion is unfreakin' real!
What I say about Enzymion: I was a little afraid to try a new moisturizer on my face, because I love mine and blah, blah, blah. I am even more afraid to try something that is natural and whatever, because I do not want to break out. The second I put this stuff on, my face thanked me. I was not itchy or irritated. This heavy looking, but lightweight moisturizer went on smooth and turned out very sheer and wearable. My makeup went over it like a charm! This would be great for combination skin, because it has a matte finish. Both of these products are great to give your guy, because they do not look like fluffy, girly products, they don't smell like flowers and they work and well!
What LUSH says: Enzymion Moisturizer $36.95
A vitamin rich moisturizer that works magic on oily skin. It moisturizes and softens skin while making oil disappear. Enzymion contains brightening fresh lemons, grapefruit and lime oils that revitalize and tone skin and juiced organic papaya to eliminate excess oil. The enzymatic action of the fresh fruit ingredients helps dry up the oils on the surface of the skin giving it a matte effect. Aloe vera and organic cold pressed evening primrose oil balance the stimulant action of the fresh fruits by relieving irritation and soothing skin while cold pressed organic olive oil and avocado oil, packed with antioxidant properties nourish. (VEGAN)
To Use: Put a dab on your fingertip and pat gently onto clean, slightly damp skin around the eye. A little bit goes a long way.
If you've ever wondered how these products are made or if the cartoon person on the "made by" sticker actually exists, now is your chance! On Saturday, April 30th from 12PM-6PM, LUSH at Oakbrook Macys is having a Grand Opening party to celebrate their new look. Reggie (one of the aforementioned "sticker people") will be there making products in store, you can enter to win dinner with the LUSH crew and there will be other giveaways! Make sure to RSVP to 630.571.5434, or The first 100 people to RSVP will receive a solid Karma perfume!


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