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This Bridal Kit Will Give Kate Middleton a Run for Her Money!

So who stayed up to watch the Royal Wedding? Don’t be ashamed! We all have our guilty pleasures and if your’s is staying up into the wee hours of the morning watching a stranger get married, hey, who am I to judge?  In keeping with the wedding theme, I present to you: The Urban Bride... Read more »

Enter to Win a Wembe Beauty Basket!

Giveaway time, people! And it’s a good one! I recently received some of the eco-friendly Wembe soaps to try and I passed a couple of bars out to my vegan friends to test out. Everyone agreed that it was a great product. The scents were amazing, it had a rich lather and didn’t leave our... Read more »

The Gifts That Mom Actually Wants This Mother's Day!

My mother is so very special to me. After all, if it wasn’t for her, I would not even have this blog! She embraces the beauty that she has both inside and outside in herself, as well as in others. In honor of mothers all around the world, I am going to put up some... Read more »

Don't Forget Mom!

I am terrible at buying Mother’s Day gifts. Only Mother’s Day though. Normally I am sort of gift-giving dynamo. What gives? Anyways, assuming a few of you have a similar problem, I present to you the “Don’t Forget Mom!” gift guide series. We’ll give you a few ideas here and there to help you find... Read more »

A Relaxing Night In with Aveda!

A Relaxing Night In with Aveda!
Do want a night to decompress? Uh yea! In this fast paced world, all you need is a face mask, a warm bath and a candle (oh yea, and maybe a lighter or matches). I have the answer for you, my dear! Aveda! Start by lighting the Limited-Edition soy wax Light the Way Candle. Relax with... Read more »

Expert VS Everyday Woman Review on Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer and Palettes!

Hey Guys, Eliza here! So this is the first time that Jenna and I are doing back-to-back reviews of a product. As a bonafide beauty hoarder, I can say that I have done and tried it all and then some. My journey for the love of makeup started with a clear mascara and a natural-looking... Read more »

Gina at Axiology Aesthetics Gives the Best Injectables in Town!

Everyone is doing it, yet somehow no one is talking about it! What is the crazy cult following that is on the tip of no one’s lips? Injectables!! If you are not doing them then you have no idea what you are missing. Whether they are preventative or for full correction, you need to see... Read more »

Intersection of Style Presented by Chicago Magazine

Need something to do next week? Not anymore! I know I complain more about the weather than just about anything else, but a new spring wardrobe is what I need to pull myself out of this slump and I just so happen to have the perfect opportunity to get going on that. Chicago Magazine is... Read more »

New Summertime LUSH Products and Grand Opening at Oakbrook Macys!

Oh hey there! Uh, so even though it is chilly outside, the weather is changing (even if it seems slower than molasses). As the weather outside changes, so does your skin. In other words, your face does not need the same things for winter that it does in the spring in summer. I have two... Read more »

Rita Hazen Root Concealer Kicks Roots to the Curb!

Need a quick root touch up? Need to save some cash flow and cant spend it on your hair? Do you look like a hot mess with brutal roots? I have something for you! While my bestie Jenna and I were at Sephora the other day we found this amazing root concealer! How does it... Read more »