Trader Joe's beauty products?

So two weeks ago I was doing my weekly trip to Trader Joe's and I had this feeling in the pit of my gut. I needed deodorant and toothpaste, I would have given just about anything to not have had to make another stop on my way home. I went to the mini department where Trader Joe's kept their goods to see if they could help out my laziness. I just kind of stared at the selection borderline frightened by its simplicity. There were a few options in beauty, but not many. I kind of had a mini panic attack in my head, "What if I buy this stuff and it sucks? My teeth will be gross and I will have BO!" I decided it was worth the risk and if they sucked I would go back to my other products and keep those as back ups. I purchased the Trader Joe's Peppermint Toothpaste that is all natural and anti cavity. I also purchased the Trader Joe's Unscented Deodorant this stuff has cotton in it and is paraben and aluminum free! I am here to report that my teeth are uber clean and I do not have BO! I use the Peppermint toothpase with my sonicare toothbrush and it is amazing! It gets the job done for sure. I am going to try the other flavors that they have to offer as well!

The unscented Trader Joe's deodorant is also really amazing. I was expecting the worst from this product and was super surprised when it worked well! I am actually shocked that I am not a stinky mess with this stick. I am also planning on trying the other products that they have to offer. If it works well and saves me a trip, i am in!
Since getting the Trader Joe's goods I also picked up their Vitamin E Oil for the skin. I was telling a skin guru friend of mine what kind of lotion that I use on my body and she almost died. Let's just say I got a slap on the wrist. She told me to use oil instead of lotion. Brilliant! I grabbed the Trader Joe's Vitamin E Oil because of my good experiences with their other products. Once again, home run! I leave my skin damp straight out of the shower and smooth the oil on. I already take oils to help my skin from the inside out so now I am just going to put them on the outside!


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