Hey Chicago, you are stuck inside because of the snow! Here are some at-home beauty tricks!

Ok, so you are stuck inside, because it is gnar gnar outside and uhhh you have to do something with your time, because you have already watched every single Sex in the City episode... again. Oh and you have also eaten anything and everything in sight! Here are some beauty tricks that you can do to pass the time.
Mix two nail polish colors together to make a new sassy shade! Sort of like taking your fave pink and putting a few drops of red glitter polish to make a hot Valentines shade. My only tip when polish mixing is.... stick in the same fam... if you don't, you will get a mucky brownish color, unless that is what you are going for.
Grab olive oil and soak your nails in some along with some warm water with a little soft body wash. You can also do your feet. I know this is going to sound nasty, but warm milk or cream would also work... I didn't say hot, I said warm.
Deep condition your hair, your hair will thank you! If you do not have a conditioning hair mask, use your norm conditioner and "bag it". What is "bagging it"? Tie a plastic grocery bag around the hair and let the heat from your head do the rest. Wash that mop in 20 mins and let hair air dry!
Wash those makeup brushes! Use a gentle shampoo or soft face wash.
Toss old makeup. Just get rid of it, girl, seriously.
Try something new with your hair or makeup.... put on some Lady Gaga and play. Who gives a rip? No one is going to see you either way!
Wash your hair with beer. It works, I swear. This will leave your hair clean and shiny.


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  • I have a question Eliza. So, I've always worn black thick eyeliner around my eyes (not "goth"... but close) Anyway, Now that I'm in my 30's I'm realizing this look may not work too much longer. Any tips on how I can keep my "edgy" look as I get older?

  • In reply to Traci:

    Traci! Girl just smudge the liner or try navy or a burgundy shade of liner. Those shades will soften the blow! Good question.

  • How do I trust any beauty tips given by someone who can't get the name right for Sex and the City (not in the city).

  • In reply to Janimal1000:

    Well, while you were at home watching TV, I was out getting a cosmetology license with advanced education at Paul Mitchell. I was the fist person to be fully sponsored by a hair product company while I was still in beauty school. I spent my first few years in the beauty industry being paid to tour with musicians and then, when I decided that was tired, I learned to be an expert in every other area of my field. I only have one hill left to climb and that is getting my RN so that I can do injections, which I have planned to do in the next 5 years. I work 60 hrs a week in the beauty field and in my free time I read Vogue. Plus, I think Sex in the City just sounds better.

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