Bath and Body Works: My Guilty Pleasure.

Confession: I was hanging with my friend Greg today (Greg is my friend who actually has a car in Chicago whom I can sometimes con into rides if I ask just right) and asked him to take me to......Bath and Body Works. Yea, you heard me right. I am almost embarrassed to say it. For a diva like me, Bath and Body Works equals the life I gave up when I hit the ripe old age of 18. I think of sweet pea mists and lotions and smelling like a stripper wannabe. The truth is that for the last few days I have been wearing a gloss that is my very fave. I pulled it out of the archive of lip colors and glosses that I have in my makeup arsenal. I have just two days left in this old gloss of mine and I have been holding onto it for that very reason. I thought that the lip gloss was from Victoria's Secret and I acquired the lip gloss in the first place from my best friend who had gotten the gloss as a gift and didn't like it. Long story short, this gloss smells amazing, tastes delish and looks unreal. The other clincher is the fact that the gloss lasts for close to 4 hrs minus a touch up! After much debate. I decided that I wanted to replace the lip gloss. What is this magic gloss? Liplicious in Cherry Vanilla. These glosses come in a handful of hues and scents. Yum. Kick that guilty pleasure to the curb and try one on girl. Who knows, maybe it will bring back a few memories.


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