Use Arnica pre and post filler injections or plastic surgery to help fight bruising.


So when someone tells you that if you take an herb to help with anything it will always sounds a little creepy. The truth is that when it comes to beauty if someone that I trust has a suggestion, I typically take it. Why? Well there is a slight chance, that someone might know just a little more about something than I do. I am here to tell you today that if you are getting any type of plastic surgery, botox or fillers that you should for sure take Arnica before and after the procedure. Go to Whole Foods and pick up Arnica Montana tablets and take them 3 times a day under the tongue the two days prior and then finish the rest post procedure. You can also find Arnicare arnica gel at Whole Foods to help topically with bruising. What is Arnica? Just trust me it works. Who wants to walk around all swollen and bruised post injections? Ice the area and talk to your Doctor or nurse before hand to see what they say about blook thinners as well.



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  • Botox NYC and other dermal fillers can work on your skin whenever you want.

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    Yes, Arnica works. We give it to our patients at Perfect57 MedSpa after administrating Botox and it works pretty well!

  • Arnica Does Work. I always advise it to all of my friends and patients. I find it especially potent after Juvederm Injections

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