The Golden Globe celeb hits with makeup and hair!

Hey guys, so the Golden Globes was on tonight and I wanted to go over some of the hair and makeup highlights and what I lovvvved about the looks. Um yea, I could stoop kind of low and talk trash on people that looked like trash but, I really don't have the time or the energy to make people feel bad about themselves so lets just move along to the winners shall we?

Amber Riley: I love her fringer and the face that she kept it a little shorter. All of these long bangs are getting in the way of the face and you can actually see hers! I also love the eye makeup. Yum!




Eddie Falco: I love her shorter haircut and the way that it is styled soft and off of the face. This hair is great for any age. Take those scissors and run with them. I also love the soft makeup here. Drag can be hot but not on everyone. Eddie looks fierce - the drag.

Halle Berry: Well dah. Here is another hair hitting shot haired mamma. Loves it! This makeup on the other hand is smokey with a nude lip. Classic!

Jake Gyllenhaal: I love this hair a little short and a well taken care of beard can look classy and not trashy. This look needs to be polished no more than every two week before it takes a turn for the worse. When done right, yum.



Lea Michele: Uh girl this is a 10 out of 10!!! The hair highlighted on the ends and side swept= soft and pretty. I also die for this soft pink lip. Perfect for her.

Leighton Meester: I love the very pretty hair and makeup. Both looks are zingers and work well together. The placment of the blush and the eyebrows stand out to me with this look and are show stealers!

Michelle Williams: So beautiful. I die for the coral blush and lip! This look with the hair is literally splendid!




Natalie Portman:Simple and classic. If it aint broke don't fix it right? I love the lip with the dress. Well played.


Sofia Vergara: Vah Vah voom..... uhhhh she wins... at everything.... at life.











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