La Mer SPF18 Fluid Tint tinted moisturizer at Saks Fifth Avenue.

Ok, I don't know about you, but it is for sure "back to me time." I feel like I just made it through a two month holiday season that didn't even give me a chance to breathe! I feel like everything is wrong and off. When times like these happen it is time to get back to basics. Work out, drink water, floss and get my nails done ASAP! When I start with basics I start with skin. How can you expect anything to look good on you when your skin is not on point? If you want to go fresh faced or if you want to pack on the makeup you still need a great canvas. 


I want to introduce you to the wonderful world of La Mer SPF 18 Fluid Tint. Um yea, you heard me La Mer! I know I know, Le Mer is really expensive and that is because it is totally worth it! My dear friend Cal says, "The only people that knock Le Mer are the people that can't afford it."(This is kind of true BTW.) No matter what the budget is, the La Mer SPF 18 Fluid Tint is a great alternative to breaking the bank on the La Mer cream. This light weight tinted moisturizer is amazing and a little goes a long way! You will have this tube forever and a day. The Fluid Tint comes in 3 shades and is sheer enough to blend out and match most people. With the Fluid Tint you can have your cake and eat it to because of the fact that it goes for about $65.00!!! Now that may seem like a lot for a tinted moisturizer but, let me tell you that is a steal when it comes to La Mer. I want you to start buying smarter rather than harder. If you are going through your drug store wrinkle cream, eye cream or tinted moisturizer at a tube a month, how much could you actually be saving? Not much! Try purchasing a more expensive product and using less. These products will last you forever so the cost will even out and your skin will thank you.
Where should you pick up La Mer? Go say hello to Rita Kiveste a Beauty Specialist at Saks Fifth Avenue at 700 N. Michigan Ave. Have Rita walk you through the line and try on the tinted moisturizer. She knows the line very well and will be more than happy to help you find what you need. Rita will provide you excellent customer service minus the attitude that we all fear from walking into a beauty department.  Pssst..... while you are there try on some Bond No. 9 or some Armani Lip Wax. Yum.

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