GOLD N SPF from Jill Stack Naturals makes vegan sunscreen a fun luxury!

This question might sound easy but, would you rather put straight up chemicals on your skin or natural soft smooth ingredients? I feel like we are asked these questions a million times a day and then, we answer them however we like. The good news about this time and place in the world is that we are provided with more options for quality natural ingredients than ever before. We finally get to choose what we put in and on our bodies. Do you care? It took me a long time to care because I never wanted to sacrifice the quality of the product just so that it was more natural. Times have changed and we are no longer looking at a world full of natural lack luster products. One of the products that is fresh on the market making ripples in the industry is GOLD N SPF from Jill Stack Naturals!

Gold N Spf is like the answer to sunscreen prayers. As we all know we need protection in the sun, dah. Well why not do it with something that smells great and feels like a high end lotion? Oh, don't forget the part that this products is 100% vegan, non greasy, great for sensitive skin, paba free and an insect/mosquito repellent! You guys I am holding the ingredient list in my hands and uhhhhh I want all of this stuff on my skin! Somehow this product makes wearing sunscreen fun between the smell and the texture, I get excited to put it on. I have been wearing Gold N over my face lotion and under my makeup with no breakouts and no makeup distress. Pick up this product before the sun kicks in. As we all know we should be wearing sunscreen year round either way. You can do as much damage to your skin from not using sunscreen year round as you can bathing in the sun for a week in Cabo. I also know that right now is the perfect time to pick some up because if you are smart you are getting out of town about now. Here is all of the info that you need pick some up today!



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