Brazilian Blowout gets heat for formaldehyde.

So long story short, I feel like I kind of missed the boat with the Brazilian Blowout Treatment. I feel like this may have something to do with the fact that I have pin straight hair so I really had no need for it and I was never that into learning how to do straighteners on people. I always felt that they were annoying and time consuming. What is the Brazilian Blowout Treatment? Lemme tell you, Brazilian Blowout is this breakthrough product that straightens and smooths the hair with nutrients and keratin leaving it shiny, smooth, straight and frizz free. The best part is that you are in and out of the salon in 90 mins. What's the catch? Well formaldehyde and fumes. The website for Brazilian blowout says no Formaldehyde and no harsh chemicals. Uh problem.... everyone is saying that this stuff is super toxic!
I am not really sure who to believe. Allure Magazine (aka my beauty bible) broke the story that can be found here  I mean when you read this you kind of get chills. This sort of story makes me sad for a few reasons. For starters I hate the fact that as a culture we are so obsessed with perfection and beauty that we will literally go to any length or cost to get it. We will even go to lengths even if it puts another person at risk. The flip side of that coin is that people are so greedy and see the beauty industry as such a way to suck people dry that they will lie to you and put you at risk. Ouch!
Just like with tanning beds it kind of seems like with the Brazilian Blowout hair straightening system people are going to keep doing it until it is banned all over the world. People want their idea of perfection no matter the cost. The sad part about the whole thing is that if the formaldehyde is actually there and if it gives you cancer you will probably not have any hair either way. I say rock your natural texture. That typically looks best.


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