U O Nail Set from Ubran Outfitters is hot like fire! New Years Eve here we come!

So who knew, Urban Outfitters serving up the hottest nails to complete a fantastic NYE2011 look, and beyond?

I am not going to lie, like a true blue shopaholic I hit up the Urban super sale this week and at the check out I was peeping the makeup section. Uh what? Urban Outfitters serving me up some delish treats? What did I see? Perfume (scents that are hard to find), Make up (pallets to die for), and nail polish! It was all there my friends but the show stealer was this UO Nail Set! I love the nude and the black together and this set includes glitter, mini pearls and diamond embellishments! Love, love, love. This set is so hot that it is rude. You can only find this at Urban Outfitters so drop by and pick one up before NYE. I am also dying for the mood lipstick. Why wouldn't I be? I also noticed that "the Urbs" has a sale beauty section for all of you frugal divas out there. Peep it here. www.urbanoutfitters.com


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