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Beauty hangover helpers and cures.

You might want to pick these things up today because lets face it, tomorrow you might feel like crap. Here are some beauty hangover helpers for you. Hangover Helper from Mojo Spa Here is what Mojo says about this product, “BESTSELLER! We all have pulled those all-nighters working too hard or maybe just partying too... Read more »

U O Nail Set from Ubran Outfitters is hot like fire! New Years Eve here we come!

So who knew, Urban Outfitters serving up the hottest nails to complete a fantastic NYE2011 look, and beyond? I am not going to lie, like a true blue shopaholic I hit up the Urban super sale this week and at the check out I was peeping the makeup section. Uh what? Urban Outfitters serving me... Read more »

New Years Eve hair tips from Agnes Orseno with Charles Ifergan Salons.

With New Year’s Eve quickly approaching, Chicago’s fashionistas are often seeking the perfect venue, cocktail dress and heels to rock the night away. To make the first night of 2011 complete, Charles Ifergan Salons Artistic Director, Agnes Orseno, is pleased to offer a plethora of helpful tips on how the glam on a budget can... Read more »

Botox, new haircut, massage, manicure, Get a new look for 2011 on the cheap!

It is time to start thinking about getting a new look for 2011, and I am all for it! I know how good a new haircut or even a manicure can feel. A new look can be a total pick me up and add a much needed skip in our step this wretched time of... Read more »

HUGO BOSS. It is always darkest before the dawn.

          Hello friends! So, this blog post might be a little different than what you are used to from me. This particular blog post is actually my entry to a contest that HUGO BOSS is doing. None to fear, you will still get all of the beauty and drama that you are used to in... Read more »

Christmas and New Years Eve 2011 beauty check list.

Here is your Christmas and New Years Eve beauty checklist. Do not be on the naughty list when it comes to looks this season. With all of the pictures and family catch ups that you are about to do it is imperative that you put your best face forward. Here is a list that you... Read more »

Mojo Spa is a one stop shop for everyone on your Christmas list this year!

Christmas is about here. If you are anything like me you are in need for a one stop shop for everyone on your list because Christmas creeps on ya fast. The truth is that I found my Christmas bliss at Mojo Spa! I got a mani gift cards for some of the girls on my... Read more »

How to treat dry patches on the skin. Heal and conceal.

Yea so, it is freakin cold out there and in times like these we all need some skin TLC. I was just thinking about the fact that I have never had a client sit down and say, “My skin is perfect!” Every single person that I have come into contact with has had a thing of two to say... Read more »

2011 new year, new hair!!! Black Swan, Carey Mulligan, Halle Berry, Maggie Gyenhall and Ginnifew Goodwin!

Ok guys, I have been noticing a this trend for sometime and I am finally going to say something because it is way to hot to go untouched. The two hair styles that you need to be reaching for in 2011 are right freakin here! The first is a tight black ballet bun with all... Read more »

Bond No. 9 takes you on a trip to NYC to restore the artistry to perfume

Everyone knows that the best way to find out about products is to ask the friend that “knows what’s up.” The beauty about the beauty industry is that it is always changing and you, in the same token are also always changing, so finding the right fit for a hair product or skin care that is... Read more »