How to treat dry patches on the skin. Heal and conceal.

Yea so, it is freakin cold out there and in times like these we all need some skin TLC. I was just thinking about the fact that I have never had a client sit down and say, "My skin is perfect!" Every single person that I have come into contact with has had a thing of two to say about their skin. The main problem these cold days has been dry patches ew. Here are some tips on how to heal and conceal those areas.
Make sure that you start from the inside out! Drink a lot of water, just because you are not sweating as much in the winter does not mean that you can stop drinking water. You skin is thirsty, give it a drink! Take fish oil or another kinds of oils as well. What is the worst that is going to happen? You get healthier? Keep showers and face washings not so freakin hot! You will strip your skin for 5 mins of being warm. Exfoliate dry patches unless the skin is broken open from being cracked. Why exfoliate? You need to make sure that moisturizer is going to be able to get into the dry area without that dry skin in the way. Keep in mind that if you are new to this exfoliating once a week and then add a day a week. Do no more than 3 days a week of exfoliation.
The one thing that I always tell people is that their skin is not one size fits all. There is a slight chance that you will need to treat different parts of your face with different products. If the skin around your nose and between the eyebrows is more dry and cracked or peeling, go ahead and use a heavier cream on those areas. You might need to try a few product before you hit the skin jack pot. A moisture mask is also a great way to get and extra surge in times of need. Once again, you might not need to mask on every part of your face.  
So now we should talk about the great cover up. First instinct is to use more makeup and concealer to cover the dry skin, do not do this. Why? The makeup will sit in the cracks and make the problem look 10 times worse. Use a tinted moisturizer, this will give you some SPF protection and some hydration while giving you a sheer coverage. The goal is to not draw attention to those areas. Skip powder on those spots for sure. Whatever you do stay away from using red lipstick. Reds and pinks are just going to bring more attention to those areas. No one wants an all over pink face.
Carry something in your purse that will give you some on the spot hydration in those areas. I love to pack a stick face balm for those down and dirty patches. Pesky little guys.


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    Tea tree oil can be your savior in treating dry skin, controlling body odour etc.The tea tree oil soap which is essentially made from tea tree oil can also help kill bacteria that can cause a number of skin infections as well as give the skin great anti fungal benefits.

  • Nice post Eliza! I was also having dark patches on my neck and arms. I tried some home skin remedies and it helps me a lot, but I was not fully satisfied. One of my friends who is a doctor, told me to use dark spot removal Cysteamine cream. I used it just for 4 weeks and all my spots were gone. I would like to recommend it if anyone having dark spots, freckles on the face, sun spots or pregnancy mask.

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