Christmas and New Years Eve 2011 beauty check list.

Here is your Christmas and New Years Eve beauty checklist. Do not be on the naughty list when it comes to looks this season. With all of the pictures and family catch ups that you are about to do it is imperative that you put your best face forward. Here is a list that you need to get moving on because time is ticking. Make beauty appointments for nails and haircuts and color ASAP! Time is running out and you do not want to get left looking like you spent the last 2 weeks shopping for others, now do you?
Nails (Go get a No Chip manicure this will last you until NYE if you get it done over the next few days. That way you do not have to worry about getting them done again until after the holidays. The No Chip will stand the test of time even if they have to make it to the JFK airport and back.)
Haircut and color  (um dah, even if it is a trip and just a few new highlights thrown in get that appointment and get in. Do not try anything to off the charts new, you might regret it and this is not time to decide that you think you might look good with bangs. Just wait until after Christmas at least.) See if you can be the first appointment of the day wherever you go. People in the service industry are burnt out at this point and it is best to be at the start of the day rather then the end. You do not want to get short changed.
Eyebrows (If you are worried about breaking out try a eyebrow and lip thread. Go to a true pro and do not get short changed.) Try an eyebrow and eyelash tint. This service will give you a Christmas morning worry free look. Wake up and go!
Exfoliate (Skin is looking a little tired and dry about now and one way to beat this is to exfoliate. Do not over do it but a little in the night and then the morning of will do the trick. Get glowing!)
Drink water and eat right (Well dah. Christmas cookies are not doing anything for anyone but your 5 year old who might just bounce off the wall and fly away. Stay hydrated, your skin will thank you.)
Airbrush Tan (Go expensive and get this done right. Do the lightest shade and this will give you enough color to last you through to New Years Eve if you take care of the tan and do it the day before Christmas Eve. This way you are not walking around looking like the living dead. You will also feel like you look a little slimmer.) p.s. Stop real tanning it is making you look old. Real talk.
Shape wear (A tale as old as time but a good pair of Spanx can go a really long way.)
A new holiday lip color (Grab a cranberry lip gloss of a gold to pump up a red or berry lip color.)




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  • I've been blogging here for a couple of months and was pleased to come across your blog. Lots of very good advice here Eliza! Well, it's probably good advice, but what do I know - I'm a guy whose idea of getting really dressed up involves putting on one of my three "going out" shirts, and tucking it in. No stylist, no hair gel, no unusual materials - just me in a cotton shirt. But I may try the airbrush tan!

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