Botox, new haircut, massage, manicure, Get a new look for 2011 on the cheap!

It is time to start thinking about getting a new look for 2011, and I am all for it! I know how good a new haircut or even a manicure can feel. A new look can be a total pick me up and add a much needed skip in our step this wretched time of year. So the real question is where are you going to go to find the great deals and still leaving looking and feeling your best? I found this website that tells you all of those questions and more.

The site is called Do not worry if you live in another part of the US they have a spot on the top of the site that gives you a chance to pick the city that you live and search that area. You can also just cut right to the chase and go to I love Chicago Beauty because it gives you all of the info that you need to try out a new place or service. You can print off coupons for just about any service under the sun. Keep your eye on this site after the holidays because in the beauty industry January and February is time to play ball. aka It is our slow time so we will just about pay you to come in and see us. Chicago Beauty is a great way to actually make your new years resolutions happen without breaking the bank. Make sure that when you call to make your appointment that you tell them that you have a coupon.









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