Bond No. 9 takes you on a trip to NYC to restore the artistry to perfume

Everyone knows that the best way to find out about products is to ask the friend that "knows what's up." The beauty about the beauty industry is that it is always changing and you, in the same token are also always changing, so finding the right fit for a hair product or skin care that is right for you at the right time is imperative. People usually think that cheaper is better but in some cases you get what you pay for and in the case of Bond No. 9, you pay a lot and you get a lot. I learned this when I asked my dear friend Cal the name of the delish scent that he was sporting was. How is it possible to smell of money, sex and sweet all at the same time? Bond No. 9. Take a trip to NYC and visit all of the hot spots because they all have a place in the heart of Bond No. 9. Each hot spot in the ever elusive city of New York City has its own scent along with limited edition scents. The bad news is that you are going to drop some cash, the good news is that you can join the VIP club for Bond No. 9 and be sent samples and updates to your home. These scents make outstanding gifts for the girl or guy in your life that has everything. If you are on the mushy side you can also wear the same scent as your partner with the Bond No. 9 unisex line. Take a trip to Sacks Fifth Ave. and try one on for size today!
When Bond No. 9 said  that they want to "restore the artistry to perfume," they were not lying.

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