Beauty hangover helpers and cures.

You might want to pick these things up today because lets face it, tomorrow you might feel like crap. Here are some beauty hangover helpers for you.
Hangover Helper from Mojo Spa
Here is what Mojo says about this product,
"BESTSELLER! We all have pulled those all-nighters working too hard or maybe just partying too hard! Well, we have the cure for you. This pulse point cream is a combination of 20 essential oils carefully selected to help sooth the nerves and eliminate the pain. Very popular among our morning brunch crowd clientele â€" could it be they were working too hard over the weekend?"
The Hangover Herbie at the Bliss Spa.
Bliss says, "Involves not one bit of poking, prodding, or overly intensive pummeling, making it the perfect pick for post-reveling recuperation. Includes a purifying essential oil and wrap-up, a quick-complexion cleansing and revitalizing mask, a fifteen-minute foot massage, skin-saving oxygen spray."
Also at the Bliss Spa you can find David Kirsch Hangover Duo.  "Bliss exclusive If one too many martinis makes your morning after miserable, this pair of pick-me-ups will help you get back your gusto in a few gulps. Includes David Kirsch's energy bubbles (box of 10 test tubes) and raspberry vitamin super juice (box of 30 packets)."
I also love Origins Peace of Mind Sensory Therapy. Use this on a few spots on the face to get instant relief. This is also great for the desk, insta tension tamer. 
Drink a lot of water and keep your skin hydrated. Half of the reason that you look like crap is that you dehydrated your skin. Ew. Exfoliate and get the night off then slather on the cream and relax. I will see you next year!!!

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