2011 new year, new hair!!! Black Swan, Carey Mulligan, Halle Berry, Maggie Gyenhall and Ginnifew Goodwin!

Ok guys, I have been noticing a this trend for sometime and I am finally going to say something because it is way to hot to go untouched. The two hair styles that you need to be reaching for in 2011 are right freakin here! The first is a tight black ballet bun with all of the hair pulled off of your face ala Black Swan style. This is easy and can work in seconds. Put your hair in a pony tale and twist the hair. The name of the game is to not over think the bun or the pony tale. Literally the second that you try to make it "perfect"is the second that you are going to have a time consuming hot mess on your hands.Just throw it back and pin it in by feel. If the hair feels tight then you are golden.
There is something so sexy about getting the hair off of your face and back so that you can see your whole face and neck. This look is great post work out or with dirty hair. Now do not go running around thinking that you can go a week without washing it and use this trick because if the hair is too greasy this look going from sexy to trashy. Make sure that the eyebrows are on point because you are going to be showing them off. My fave buns of all time as of right now are the Black Swan girls and Sienna Miller on the cover of the 2007 September Issue. Yum. If you have shorter hair opt for a flat headband and pin the back.
On the subject of short hair. Um these girls are nocking it out of the ball park!  "Edie" Sedgwick, Twiggy and Mia Farrow eat your heart out. Here is the new crop of shot short hair girls. Ginnifer Goodwin, Maggie Gyenhall, Halle Berry and Carey Mulligan all got shorter haircuts in the last year. Some of the girls are growing their hair out and it still looks great! Check out some of the pics if you are thinking about going for a new look in this new year. Show your stylist a picture and talk with then about being able to rock the new look. These haircuts are not for everyone so you might be able to alter them slightly to fit your face, hair and lifestyle. Go for it, hair grows back!


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  • Hi Eliza! I have dull blue/gray eyes and I never know what eye make-up colors I should use to make them stand out? I have very fair skin and dark brown hair.


  • In reply to Traci:

    I love golds with blue eyes. An orangey shade of gold is the way to go. I love that with a dark matte brown in the crease! Try a MAC quad!

  • Great post! It is so refreshing to see celebrities with short cuts. They look so sexy and different in a sea of long worn out do's.

  • In reply to erago:

    I totally agree! I think that it is so very cute and all very well done.

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