The Caviar of Facial Moisturizers--Finest of the Fine. by Samantha Tsiagalis

Note from Eliza: Hey guys! Sometimes you need men on the street to give you the heat on what the word is in the beauty industry. Here is one of my partners in the crime Samantha Tsigalis with her take on a fresh line!


Don't judge a moisturizer by its color! The tannish gel-like substance is filled with all natural ingredients allowing your skin to soak in all the things it wants, and none of the artificial chemicals it doesn't. Nude was created by Bryan Meehan and is the first product to include only natural ingredients while delivering the results you've always been looking for. Working at a Fresh & Wild supermarket, many of the customers Meehan came into contact with would buy organic and live healthy, active lifestyles. When it came to skincare, however, they'd buy products made with chemicals, because frankly, they didn't think the natural products would deliver dramatic results. This served as Meehan's inspiration in creating a skincare line that would allow consumers to continue their healthy lifestyles all the way down to their facial products. Compromise was simply not an option for Meehan, and let me tell you, the difference is truly visible.

I've been looking for years for the perfect moisturizer. My skin is dry year-round and it gets oily in my "T" zone during the middle of the day. The Balancing moisturizer fixes everything in just a matter of moments. All I need is one pump to cover my whole face and when the middle of the day comes, I can leave my blotting tissue papers at home because, like a miracle, this moisturizer literally stops my afternoon oily shine. It's the only thing that gets me excited to wake up in the morning.


Nude prides itself on leaving out the unnatural chemicals found in most other products. Artificial chemicals like parabens (known to mimic estrogen, which plays a role in the development of breast thanks!), synthetic fragrances and dyes, petro-chemicals, and phthalates (a substance added to plastic to increase flexibility) are substituted with natural ingredients such as all different plant extracts, prebiotics and probiotics, which aid in anti-aging by stimulating the skin's immune system. Nude doesn't stop there, though. They are as kind to your skin as they are to the environment. All containers are made with recycled plastic, non-toxic inks, and a water-based matt seal, and products are all carbon-free and not tested on animals. With products ranging from about $14 for a lip balm, to about $88 for an advanced smoothing complex, these products are worth every single penny.

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