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Who, what, where, when, how and why? Chicago beauty!

Ok guys, this is a blog just for my pretty party people in the chi. The good news is that even if you do not live in Chicago you can still get some tips on products from different lines that can be purchased in your area or online. Here is the who, what, where, when,... Read more »

Dear Oprah, can I have my own beauty show for Christmas?

Dear Oprah,   Hey there! Oddly enough I have been asked a few times in the last week what my “dream job” would be. I must admit, I found this a very taxing question. Why? Well, I already love what I do so very much! I love talking to people, sharing tips, tricks and trends along with... Read more »

What to get for beauty geeks this Christmas!

So right about now is the time when people ask… “What do you want for Christmas.” Here are a few answers that you can give people this Thanksgiving weekend. This is a list of a few things that you probs would not purchase for yourself but you know in your heart that you “NEED IT.”... Read more »

Here is the yummy solution to dry hands and chapped lips.

Yup, it is that time of year again when the skin turns to one dry place to be. Do not worry, you are not alone…. I hate it as well. My tips are to drink a lot of water, take fish oil and hydrate from the inside out. I also start running a humidifier night and... Read more »

Food Movement for the face! Organic, Natural products that don't suck!

DO YOU HAVE BEAUTY QUESTIONS? ASK THEM HERE VIA A COMMENT TO ME AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS BLOG!!!   So with the “food movement” in full swing people are giving a rip more and more what they are putting into their bodies. Organic, Raw, Green, local are all words that keep popping up in... Read more »

The Caviar of Facial Moisturizers--Finest of the Fine. by Samantha Tsiagalis

Note from Eliza: Hey guys! Sometimes you need men on the street to give you the heat on what the word is in the beauty industry. Here is one of my partners in the crime Samantha Tsigalis with her take on a fresh line!   Don’t judge a moisturizer by its color! The tannish gel-like... Read more »

Dr. Scholl's surrenders! We get heels and they get to keep our feet!

DO YOU HAVE BEAUTY QUESTIONS? ASK THEM HERE VIA A COMMENT TO ME AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS BLOG!!!   So we all know that beauty is head to toe, right? I do take that statement very literally.  I think about every single bit of my hair, skin, nails and even the things that go... Read more »

How to fight pesky GREY HAIR!

Click “Continue Reading” or the subject to see this post. If you have any beauty questions for me shoot them over and I will answer them ASAP! You can do this by scrolling down to the bottom of this blog and leaving them via comment. You can also find me here!   Follow Pretty Cheap Read more »