Want to look younger? Heidi Klum has the best haircut for you in 2010. Dah!

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I know from years of doing hair that most people are perma in search of the perfect haircut. Have you found yours? I kind of feel like most haircuts age or date people. Who wants that? 
 If your hair is too light (semi funny that I say that because my hair is white blonde but whateves.), too dark, to blunt, chunky highlights, no dimension (aka. one color all over), too short or too long. Too anything for that matter, I have news for you.... your hair is aging you!
I want to give you some tips on how to slip into something a little more flattering. First off, lets talk about color. Keep your hair soft and warm. No matter what your natural color keeping it soft and warm is the way to go. How do you keep it warm? Pick the warmer side of the color family that you are choosing. No neutrals or ash tones unless you are a professional, sorry. Too warm can also be a problem so watch out! When you are going to get your hair colored think natural and what the sun would have done over the summer time. The sun usually lightens the ends a shade, at most two. Keep the highlights soft. When your hair is styled there should be little to no proof that you have highlighted your hair. This is only the rule if you want to look as young and as hot as possible. This is not a mini hand book for how to look trendy and funky, got it? That mini handbook has a whole dif set of rules.
As far as the cut goes, I saw a picture of Heidi Klum and boy, oh boy, did she ever nail it! A soft fringe to hide aging around the crows feet and forehead with a soft face framing mid length cut.
My thoughts on flattering hair are simple. Have a soft angled layer at the top of the cheek bone, the  bottom of the cheek bone and either a layer just under the jaw line or ending the cut with a SLIGHT angle from below the nape of the neck to right under the jaw and chin. The key word is soft. If you get the angles cut to hard or with to much chunk this will draw to much attention to the cut. This mid length style is a great way to add volume to lack luster hair and can also be great for thick hair that is way to heavy. This hair cut will take you a little bit of time to dry and flatten if needs be but, can also be pinned on lazy days. Headbands look great with this look and the same principle can be used with curly hair as well. If you hate bangs and love showing more face opt for a slightly angled bang that starts at the area above the cheek bone.
Stop wearing your hair way to long, seriously! If you are obsessed with your long hair then at least do me the favor and keep the ends nice and trimmed. Still have a few layers around the face to keep it soft.


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  • Wow, those are indeed some nice looking ladies. Wow.


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    Hey Eliza Siep! Nice article. Heidi Klum indeed has fabulous hairstyles. Here are some layered hairstyles inspirations: http://www.hairstylemakeup.com/best-layered-haircuts-thin-fine-hair.php

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