Snooki, Gaga, Pin Up or David Bowie? What will you be this halloween? Makeup and hair tips.

So, it is the time of year again when we all get to decide what we are going to be for Halloween, Fun! I have come up with a few ideas on "how to makeup and hair." There are some people that keep popping up this year Snooki, Gaga, Pin Ups and a few other randos. I also decided to give my tips to one reader that asked how to get a David Bowie from The Labyrinth look.
First on the list. Snooki! Love it or hate it Jersey Shore has taken over this world and the holiday. I am actually a little excited about this, but the question of the hour is how do you look orange for the night and still be able to go back to work on Monday? For those die hard Halloween peoples you can do a dark mystic tan at LA Tan. Then use a ton of bronzer on top of the tan. The only issue is that when you are trying to make yourself orange you can actually turn ashy and grayish if this is not done correctly. For the one night Jersey shore look opt for L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Self Tanning Gel. This stuff is buildable and will wash off the next day. Go orange baby! You can also, if you are pale use The Cover Girl Queen Collection. Stick to creams to help you to keep from looking ashy. For Snookie I would go for a fuller eyebrow with a nice arch and I would also do a smokey eye and false eyelashes. Try Benefit Cosmetics Smokin Eyes kit. This will get you all Snookified. Now we get to the poof, well chances are that you cann just purchase one of the many Snooki wigs on the market. If you do not want to do that, try Big Sexy Hair "What a Tease" back comb in a bottle. This stuff is unreal. A little goes a long way and is strong enough to make any hair poof.
Moving on, Gaga aka. the love of my life. Easy to do! All you need to do is get a white wig with fringe. Dah! Wear whatever you want as long as it has lycra in it. You are also going to need to purchase a large pair of sunglasses, square or round will do.
So I rather like the tan Gaga, I am not really sure as to why. The pale Gaga is nice as well. You are rather safe either way. All you need is a heavy set of false lashes and some true bubble gum pink lipstick. For the true blue Gaga look you must call on MAC Pro. They have the best glitter and the best body paint and true to color lipsticks on the market. Makeup forever is also in the running so if there is not a MAC pro close to you, you can swing by the local Sephora and pick up some Makeup Forever. The trick with a drama eyelash strip is to make sure that you let the glue dry a little before you put it on the eye. Another trick that I do not recommend for the every is to use a light mist of hairspray to set a face with glitter on it. For a one time thing this trick works great. My fave Gaga lip color that I love is the MAC Pro color called Saint Germain! Yes oh yes this lip color is so delish and not for the faint at heart. My other suggestion is getting Minx nails. This will give you the out of this world space look and can be very fun and hot.
Wanna be a Pin Up this Halloween? Visit Tigerlilie salon right here in Chicago. They are the number 1 salon for that type of hairstyle around. Call now because they are probs booked all up. Go for a pale face, red nails, black liquid liner and red lips. Try using a liner and lip primer. This will help you to keep that lip in place all night long. Need inspiration? Dita Von Teese. Dah!
Last but not least, David Bowie from the Labyrinth. The truth is that for the hair I would just pick up an 80's wig. If you would like to puff it via 80's style. Try Big Sexy Hair! I talked about my fave product at the start of this blog. For this look a fair face and pale lip are in order. Pick up a silver and white eyeshadow and some black eyeliner. Keep the eyeliner close to the eye and try lining inside of the lower lip. Keep the lips pale with a flesh colored lipstick. The real trick with this look is blocking out your eyebrow so that you can draw it in with a serious arch. Use eyebrow blocking cream if you can find it near you. If you can not try concealer. Block out the eyebrow and give yourself some drag queen style eyebrows to make yourself look more out of this world. Use the silver eyeshadow in the arch and on the eyebrow bone and use the white on the eyelid. Finish with some mascara!


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