Puffy under eye? Dark circles? No more. Here are the tools.

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So we all know that the under eye is a really big deal/ problem/ trouble spot. Ug this journey with the under eye is never ending. I can tell you how to cover it, but I would rather help you treat the problem first. I am sorry to tell you this but, this list kind of sucks. I am gonna rip the fun out of your life but if it makes those puffy bags under your eye go away.... just try it out for 2 weeks.

First off you could be dealing with allergies. Most eye problems are allergy related. When I first moved to Chicago I had no clue why I looked tired all of the time and felt super sick, ALLERGIES! They were killing me. I saw a specialist and low and behold, my eyes, skin and life got better. Take something over the counter that is 24 hrs and think about seeing a specialist. Now of course sleep is a huge deal. dah right? Just go to bed and try to get 8 hours. If you are not getting exercise, just get up and do something. The blood flow will make the swelling chill out a bit. Make sure that your diet is low in salt. Just like your belly your eyes are holding onto all of that extra water my friend. Sorry! Make sure that your diet is high in Vitamin K. The foods highest in Vitamin K are green, leafy vegetables that include kale, collard greens, spinach, brussels sprouts, broccoli, spinach, parsley, asparagus, lettuce, endive, okra, and mustard greens. All of those foods are great for the under eye. Do not over cook them because they will be of no use to you! A mixture of a retinol plus vitamin k topical is the best way to get rid of lines and dark circles. Both are best if prescribed by a doctor but can also be found in lower forms over the counter. The good news is that a strong cup of coffee can act a diuretic to help bring down swelling in the short term so at least you do not have to give up your cup of Joe. I swear by my Clairsonic Opal. I just it to give a light massage to my under eye area. If you can not get an Opal right away, try one of the cooling eye rollers that are on the market to help with the swelling and to reduce puffiness instantly. The light massage will help to drain you out. Are you broke or cheap? The old school way is to used some cucumbers that are chilled or a straight up ice cube. Sleep with your head elevated just a little and you will be golden. Think I am nuts with my under eye laundry list? Think again! Put all of my tools to good use and you might just find yourself looking more awake and using less concealer.


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  • Hello beautiful. I am getting married in 10 months and feel like I need to be getting into a better beauty regime so that I look gorgeous on the day. Any suggestions? Lindsay x x

  • In reply to Lindsayloub:

    Hey girl! congrats! Are there things that you do not dig about your look as of right now? Skin? Hair? Makeup? Eyebrows? Or do you just want the works. If you currently love something about yourself do not change a thing but I have suggestions for all of the other areas. Evvvven bikini waxing!Ohhhhh! Let me know and I will get back to you. xo Eliza

  • I was wondering if you knew of any good websites that show haircuts for kids?

  • In reply to Traci:

    Hey there! This site is great http://www.latest-hairstyles.com/kids/ Kids often like styles of their fave stars or cartoon super hero. I always ask kids what they like about the style. They usually say the bangs. Kids cuts are just small version of the adult ones so most cuts should work. The only probs are cawlicks and thin soft hair. The hair has a hard time holding style and curl. Ug. Natural textures are typically best. I hope that helps! xo

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