Is Wet n Wild Eyeshadow the new MAC?

So here is the scoop. I have been a die hard MAC eyeshadow girl my whole life. I love the high pigment, true to color eye shadows. Other eye shadows have come and gone, but MAC has been a continuous obsession for me since the start. Well my friends I am proud to announce that there maybe a new Sheriff in town. Wet n Wild for holiday is launching my new BFF! 4 eyeshadow pallets that come with mini eyeliners! So, I know what you are thinking..... "Yea right, it's Wet n Wild from when I was 12 so it sucks." Um no. This stuff is like MAC style pigments and colors called Color Icon Eye Kit. My fave is the Sugar Plum Fairy with a bright purple mini eyeliner. The colors are great for a day look or a night look. You can wear the pallet to work and then throw it in your purse for a va va voom evening look. These suckers last and do not crease. The only prob is that they are limited edition so you are going to grab these while they are hot. Oh, p.s. the mini electric purple eyeliner is on point. Hot Hot Hot!

Um and it gets better. 8 new holiday nail colors. Limited edition Mini Megalast. These nail colors are literally built to last. My very fave is a fleshy gold nail polish with burgundy glitter. I am flipping over this stuff. Pick them both up and you can live guilt free because you will not be breaking the bank.


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  • Glad I finally found this part of the blog! (I accidentally asked this in another place, so just ignore if you see this twice!) Anyroad! So I have very fine, light coloured eyebrows. I have tried shaping them myself but I think I really suck at it. I end up looking like I have no eyebrows! Do you think I should just have a professional do my eyebrows (like tint them, shape them) and leave well enough alone? I really like how they look when someone has done them, but my usual stylist is no longer around :( OR can I learn? Help?!

  • Hey girly! I would for sure tint. I always say that the tint does not lie. In other words the eyebrow tint brings out every possible hair. Get them done by a real pro. Do not play with fire. Go see an eyebrow specalist not just some hairstylist that thinks that they know. The color for the eyebrows and eyelashes is dif from the one used on the head. I hope that helps. xo

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