This blog is full of fall beauty goodies. Read it and you will not be sorry.

So, I wanted let you guys in on all of my fall faves (it's kind of a new obsession that I have... sharing all of my beauty secrets.) Lets get started!!!

I am obsessed with Jason tooth paste! Yum, the flavors are great (faves are Cinnamon Mint and Peppermint with papaya enzyme) and it feels good knowing that I am not putting to much icky gicky into my body. Can we say all natural? While we are on the Jason tip, I would also like to talk about Jason Chamomile Satin Shower body wash! I am obsessed with the smell and the feeling that it gives my skin when I get out of my shower and bath. The Jason Chamomile Satin shower body wash is so good and soft that I have even been using it for shaving! Jason has a great site where you can plug in your zip code and find out where to pick up products near you. There are a gazillion spots in the Chicago area.
I lah lah love Goldintuitions! You are going to find me and kiss me when you try this stuff. Created by a fun Chicagoan Goldintutions is an all natural, vegan herbal lotion with SPF 15. In other words if you are allergic to other products with sunscreen with them you will not be allergic to this. This stuff was designed for that very purpose. Word on the street is that Goldintutions is also a great bug repellent. The smooth texture and vivid lavender scent is just up my alley. Please remember that you still need to wear SPF even if you do not see the sun. That is when we get most of our sun damage in fact. At the time of this blog I know that the site is under construction but peep it anyway and sign up on the mailing list!
Need a new eye cream? Uh do not worry my friend I did the dirty work and found a new one for you! Elastiderm Eye Treatment from OBAGI Medical might seem pricey on the outside but, it is oh so nicey on the inside! You get a lot of bang for your buck and a lot of product for the price. I love this product because it is a nice light alternative to those heavy creams. If you have oily or normal skin this eye cream is great! Buy it and try it! Check them out here
Last but not least, meet your new favorite hair care line of all time Macadamia Natural Oil! Where do I even start? Would you like to love your hair? Smooth and healthy is the future of your hair if you start using this hair care line. The oil is a light weight hair shine and smoothing oil. The deep repair mask and the rest of the products were put to the test when I used them for the first time one night after a fresh bleaching on my platinum hair. Um my hair actually feels like nothing was done to it. My hair still had all of it's integrity even after my 40 volume and bleach bath.
Now that is unfreakingheardof!
I literally love all of the products in the line and the smell is out of this world. I saw this line just yesterday at the Ulta on North Ave. so I know that this stuff is out and about and ready to rumble. Please get this product on your locks before the winter hits. My fave Macadamia product cocktail is to mix a few drops of the Healing oil treatment in my hand post shower with a small pump of Nourishing Leave-in cream. Fab! Pssst even the brush and comb from Macadamia are infused with the oil. Promise me you will check it out and go here.

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