The inside scoop on a deal at Body Endeavors Pilates!

The truth is that from doing the airbrush tan on a lot of people I get the chance to see a lot of almost naked bodies. When I airbrush someone with a nice bod I try to ask in a totally non creepy way, "What do you do to work out?" The answer is almost always pilates! Pilates gives people a lot of tone without the person losing some of the curves that make us beautiful. Are you looking for a good spot to give this work out a shot on the cheap?

Today, Body Endeavors will be featured on DealADayOnline, a site offering daily deals on everything Chicago, with "1 private plus 3 group Pilates lessons for $45!" 


Body Endeavors, located at 1528 N. Halsted, offers a full range of Pilates services (privates, group and small groups) as well as Massage Therapy (Deep Tissue, Swedish and Thai) and Acupuncture.  Body Endeavors is also one of the only studios in Chicago to offer ActivCore FEX, a popular, effective system that is based on five principles:
·         Controlled Instability
·         Functional Exercise
·         Pain Free Position and Movements
·         Precise Control of Exercise Intensity
·         Freedom of Movement in all Planes

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Quit being a wussy and give this a shot. What do you have to lose?


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