Kick off fall with my fave lip stain and bubble bath!

Ok, so fall is kind of here! We should kick it off with a bang because I know that we all took a mini break from beauty blogs and the Internet for the summer. The truth is that most people kind of take a break from looking top notch during the summer as well. None to fear, here are some of my pre fall game faves!

What is the must have beauty item this fall? A berry lip! I have found the perfect berry lip for those young and old, broke or rich. Revlon Just Bitten lip stain and balm is the freakin way to go. I purchased this product in the color called Midnight after some debate because all of the colors looked really great. The last thing that I actually needed was another lip color but the price was right and my palms started to sweat when I thought about leaving the grocery store without it. The trick with this stuff is to come at it with a clean and exfoliated lips. Draw on the lip stain like and pen and saturate the entire lip. Then use the other end like a chapstick for hours of saucy pout action.
The other product that I am soaking up, or should I say in, is Tokyo Milk by Margot Elena Dead Sexy No. 6 bubble bath! This stuff is so warm and inviting that it might just make you with it was colder outside. Grab some today if you know what's good for you!

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