How combat the cosmetics line bitchy tude.

I am not gonna lie, on my days off from work I typically find myself wandering into local beauty supply stores and places with makeup counters etc. I find that even though I am in the biz, and even though I know the In's and the Outs, I am still kind of put off by the general tude in the stores. I was thinking yesterday that some cosmetics counters and stores seem to be more intimidating than others. I have found on my journey that some cosmetics lines are just nicer than others. Why is this the case? Why is it that in this economy some of those lines and stores still feel an incessant need to make us feel bad? I guess the way that I kind of see it is that if I am spending my hard earned cash on a blush, you better be happy about it, tell me how to use it and, be nice about it. I was thinking how nice it would be to not be intimidated by cosmetics lines and to feel appreciated. I honestly think that this is one of the reasons that drug store lines do so well. No one will pressure you into purchasing something that you do not need and no one will give you a sly look as you walk in the door.

Here are a few ways to combat the cosmetics line bitchy tude.

1. Study up on the line or just products in general. Most every line has a site and you can typically see all of the products long before you deal with an actual person. If you speak their lingo to the person they will know that it is an even playing field. Do not sound like a sucker.
2. Go in knowing what you want and hold strong. If all you want is a black eyeliner and a lipstick just purchase those things.
3. Be willing to try new things for a person that is generally interesting in the line and is giving you a risk free demo. Some new products are worth trying as trends change, as new products hit the scene and as your face and body changes with time.
4. Ask questions and see what is in the product. Once again you are taking control of the situation.
5. "If it ain't broke do not fix it." In other words, if you love your foundation or face cream, stick with it. Dah! Do not be trapped with fads.
6. Ask to be put on mailing lists and to be called when it is gift time. Dah! We would have stuck our nose at this before but, times have changed and we need all of the deals and free gifts that we can get.
7. They can typically give you a sample so do not be shy, ask!



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