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  • Hi Eliza!

    I have a bit of an odd question!! I have very uneven eyelids, as in my left eyelid is quite 'open', but I have no real eyelid showing on my right eye (think baggy eyelid overhang!). Do you think that there is a way to make my eyes POP without looking like a try hard?

  • In reply to flickerstaffe:

    Hey there! I would stick away from eyeshadow trends with shimmer or to dark and smokey. I would keep the eyes on the light side of your natural flesh color. I would also make sure that you get back to basics to make sure to even things out. I would make sure that your eyebrows are shaped to perfection. I would also consider using a growth serum on the lashes and tinting them a rich blue black. Make sure that you curl the lashes daily to help to lift the look of the eye. All of these tips will make the eye pop but in a natural way. These tips are pretty much risk free and on the cheaper end. I hope that helps!

  • Good Morning--
    I have a question. A friend's Mother has beautiful skin with very few wrinkles. She swears that using Preparation H on skin helps keep it tight and smooth. She told me that she read about it years ago in a beauty mag. I was wondering if you've ever heard of this and would you recommend it?

  • In reply to TraciLynn:

    Good morning! I have not only heard of this but I have also tried this trick. It works as a temp fix because it reduces swelling. Long term this trick will not be a true blue fix. Prep H is also hard to wear makeup over as it is not intended for the purpose. The truth is that she might just have great skin in general. The only real fix is moisture, a lot of water and feeding your skin from the inside out.
    Sleep, low salt are also key. The doctor can also offer help to more problem skin.

    I find that most people are not in tune with their skin. They just kind of use whatever they feel like using. The truth is that you need to listen to what your skin needs, moisture etc. Check on your skin and purchase what you actually need. Skin is kind of like diets, fads are out and the facts are in. I hope that helps!

  • In reply to TraciLynn:

    Glad I finally found this part of the blog! Anyroad! So I have very fine, light coloured eyebrows. I have tried shaping them myself but I think I really suck at it. I end up looking like I have no eyebrows! Do you think I should just have a professional do my eyebrows (like tint them, shape them) and leave well enough alone? I really like how they look when someone has done them, but my usual stylist is no longer around :( OR can I learn? Help?!

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