bareMinerals made me feel better.

Arg! Sorry that I have been gone for a bit. I guess even a diva is not immune to Strep Throat! Ew. There have been points in the last week where I thought I was dying. At one point I tried to sit up and write a blog or even read a Vogue and it was to dang rough. Now you know that I am bad off when I can not even read a magazine. Today I finally feel a little bit better as long as I take my life in segments and sit and sweat inbetween activities. Fun Fun!
So, you might be asking yourself, "What did you do then if you couldn't even sit up?" Well of course, I watched a bareMinerals infomercial for at least an hour. Lame right? The truth is that the infomercial sucked me in like none other. I laid there and watched with a skeptics eye and by the end I was reaching for my phone to dial the number to save money on my purchase. I actually stopped myself at the last second because I did not want to find myself getting sent bareMinerals over and over month after month long after I am onto something else. I decided to lose 30 bucks and buy it from the store on the off chance that this miracle did not work.
I got up yesterday morning and said to myself, "OK, you need some fresh air today. Go buy makeup!" I walked to Ulta and wanted to die a little because I am still not feeling 100% at this point. (Do not worry, I am no longer contagious at this point because of the meds that I am on.) I got to Ulta and the amazing girl helped to color match me. I wish that I had been able to catch her name but I was to busy trying to not look sick and trying to not sweat to much. I took the new starter kit home and rested up a bit. After my rest I washed my face and started over with my makeup. I just wanted to see if this stuff was actually as good as it said.
Yes, I am willing to pay 60 bucks to see if this stuff was any good. Do not judge! Ha!
As I stated to use the makeup I found myself confused. That's right, me.... confused by makeup? I just had to get the swing of it. At first I kind of thought that I was way to pale and then when it was all said and done I was left with flawless and warm skin due to the Warmth powder. I looked so good that I could not wait for my "non boyfriend boyfriend" to get over to my place to show of my new skin. The truth is that this product even covered the heat rash on my face from my strep! What?! This stuff works. Purchase this product and become a believer. Look as hot as you can.


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