50 never looked so good. Happy birthday mom!!!

I know that my mother is going to kill me for this blog but eh, wont be the first time I have publicly embarrassed her. Ha!
So today is my mothers 50th birthday!!! (Happy Birthday Mom!) The truth is that I gave her a call and when she mentioned that it was her 50th I was shocked. "Uh?! I guess I did not know that it was your 50th mom... you just look so good." I said. Now before you go thinking that I am the worst daughter in the history of the world I want you to know that my mothers face is a very young face. She looks great!!! 

So the reason that my mothers 50th birthday gets a shout out in my blog is that I kind of owe this blog to her. See, without getting to mushy gushy on you I directly relate my love and admiration to the beauty industry to my mother. My mother always got ready in the morning for as long as I can remember and is famous for saying "Dress for the job that you want and not the job that you have." Now without being creepy or over the top she always had on makeup and her hair is always done. She never spent to much money on beauty products, spa treatments or hair fads but, she always looked trendy and professional. My mother was the person that told me that I could rock a pixie cut because she always had one herself. My mother always smells great and could make a bottle of perfume last longer than anyone I know. My mother was the one that showed me that you can be an intelligent woman and still have your look pulled together. She never relied on her looks and never let them go. She always told me that looks were not everything, but understood that beauty is a passion of mine. She treats my job in the beauty industry with as much respect as her own and let me tell you, most people would not. My mother is beautiful inside and out so, maybe that is why she looks so young. Who knows? All I know is that I owe her a lot and on her 50th bday, she looks dang good. Keep up the good work mom! Thank you for showing me how to be a nice, intelligent woman with a good haircut on her shoulders. I love you.

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    A great birthday gift for your mum. Loved it!

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