What to do when you get a really bad haircut.

Last night I was hanging out and I received "the call." The kind of call that we have all either made or received at one point or another. The call that goes like this, "Oh my God, I am FREAKING out!!! My hair sucks!!!" This can be followed with any number of lines like, "She took to much off" or "The color is to dark" etc. The truth is that we have all freaked out at one point or another about a beauty treatment. When it comes to beauty there are so many things that can go right and there are so many things that can go wrong. The truth is that beauty is actually in the eye of the beholder so when one woman says, "Cut off the dead ends" and she loses 6 inches, that might not be what she had in mind.


Here are some tips to remember before losing your mind.
1. New haircuts and color chill out after a few days. I feel like 3 days is the magic time to see if something is not working. If after 3 days the new hair cut or color is whack go in and have it taken care of.
2. It is hair and it will grow back!
3. Try different products, styling tools and looks. Sure you might not be able to wear it messy you might need to pin the bangs back. No big deal!
4. Hair grows very fast when it is freshly cut so your hair will grow about 1/4th of and inch a month. If you want to grow it out eat well and take care of yourself and the hair will be back to normal in no time.
5. Wear your new look with confidence. Strut around and own it! No one is going to like your new hair if all you do is put it down and the stylist that did it. Act like you think it is the best haircut you have ever gotten and you will literally convince people just with your positive attitude alone. Sometimes I look at beauty mistakes like pop music, if you tell people it is good then they will believe you. Even if pop music is not good people will buy it because they are told to.
6. Do not try to do an at home hack job. You will fix nothing and have to pay double trying to re fix a problem that would have fixed itself.
When it comes to beauty there is always more than one way to skin a cat. Do not freak out. Give it 3 days. Go back to the salon if you do not love it and always remember that it is not a tattoo. Totally not forever and totally not a huge deal.

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