Tips on spray tanning. What to do and what not to do.

So, we all know that tanning in the sun is pretty whack to the skin. Yes, you do need vitamin D. No, you do not need sun damage. The good news is that you can nab a pretty wicked glow via spray tanning. I love getting the spray because it gives me an even worry free glow. The truth is that a lot of people end up wasting the tan down the drain and go from bronzed goddess to splotchy mess quickly. Here are my tips on making that tan last.

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1. You get what you pay for. In other words if you spray at home you get a low quality product that you do if you go to a booth. The booth is lower quality than getting it done by hand. I find that having it done looks the most natural and lasts longer than doing it myself. You also avoid orange hands when it is done for you. This is huge.
2. Go to get sprayed with no makeup, lotion, sunscreen or oils on any part of your body. These things all crate an extra layer that is hard for the tan to break through. You want that stuff to get as in there as possible.
3. Take an umbrella if it looks like rain. You do not want the rain to give you dots on your new spray tan.
4. Do not work out until the tan has had time to soak in.
5. Try not to put on your purse or your under garments because they might leave a mark.
6. Cover your manicure and pedicure with lotion or vaseline.
7. Cover your manicure and pedicure before you tan so that the exfoliation does not take off the tan. Do not soak your hands and feet the same day as the tan.
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8. Try not to shave or exfoliate while you are trying to make the tan last.
9. Use lotions to hydrate the skin after the tan has set in as to make it last as long as possible.
10. Always cover blonde hair while spray tanning. Yes, this includes highlights.
11. Wash hands and feet after the spray so that they do not look orange.
12. Try not to wear white. Stick to cotton clothing as other fabrics tend to not be friends with sunless tanner.
13. Do not tint your eyebrows the same day that you spray tan. This will result in a tragic hot mess. Ew!


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  • Great article on spray tanning tips! I tan regularly and I usually do spray tanning at home using Shower Tan spray tanning at home. It would be nice if you create a list of the top spray tanning products to give us readers more information and options.

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    I didn't think about rain giving me marks. It's still raining quite a bit here. Maybe I'll wait until next week when it gets warmer. I'm just trying to get ahead of the summer tan phase. Thanks for all the great information!

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