The Ouchless Flex Pressure Free Headband from Goody!

Hey guys, in these last dog days of summer keep your hair off of your face while walking around! You can expect extra breakouts if your hair is touching your face and is all kinds of sweaty. The natural oils in your hair mixed with dirt and sweat = breakouts. No good! Goody has the right idea because their headbands are "pretty and cheap." ZING! Most importantly, they don't squeeze the crap out of your head until you have a level 10 migraine. The other good news is that you can pick up these headbands at the drug or grocery store while you are stocking up on toothpaste and soy milk. Headbands can look good on everyone from a pixie girl to a long mane.

Goody Ouchless Flex No-Squeeze Headbands ($2.99-$4.99)

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