OPI Swiss Collection might save you from this heat wave!

OPI did it again! They took us on another trip via our hands to a beautiful place where all we do is get compliments on our nail color. I must admit that with the scorching heat outside my regular visit to the nail salon this week was much needed to relax. By the time I had arrived to get my nails done all I really wanted to do was cool down. The nail spot I frequent told me that they had new colors in stock so I checked them all out because "new and color" happen to be two of my favorite words when it comes to beauty. I had seen the OPI Swiss Collection a few days prior at the beauty supply store but had not paid much mind because per usual they were out of the really good colors. I was happy to see some unusual colors that were introduced for fall like and iridescent light purple called "The color to watch." I was happy that OPI is stepping out of the box and giving us a vast aray of the spectrum to choose from this fall. In true fall fashion I chose "Ski teal we drop" for my toes and "William tell me about OPI" on my fingers. Although I love the dark bold colors I think next time I might opt for the lighter more sheer set of this collection. High five OPI!

p.s. They have minis as well! Those are my fave.


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