Dermablend to the rescue. Cover that tattoo!

Are you getting married and you are kind of thinking that it might not be the best move to have your ex's name blazing on your shoulder? The truth is that we have all made bad decisions. The other truth is that some stick a little longer than others. Dermablend make a few tools that might be of use! Try Dermablend Leg and Body Tattoo Primer and Leg and Body Cover Foundation! This stuff is the best of the best and can also be used to help to cover bruises and spider veins. This stuff has SPF 15 and lasts for up to 16 hours. I would suggest doing a practice run before hitting the streets. The price for both products is around $26.00 and can be found at Ulta, Macy's and at Try using a product like this before you opt for removal. This can be painful and expensive. I love using leg and body foundation for times when I want my legs to look perfect for an event or when a spray tan goes splotchy. Happy covering!

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