The Goody Spin Pins are hot like Robert Pattinson.

The Goody Spin Pins might just be putting some hairstylist out of biz. Ok well, maybe it's not that dramatic but seriously, these things are really an amazing new invention. Just when I think that I have seen it all in the beauty industry someone somewhere comes up with something new that blows my flippen mind! 


goody spin.jpg

What is a Spin Pin? Spin Pins are two coiled hair pins that act like a million bobby pins holding the hair in place without being seen. I love them because they are easy to use and are damage free to the hair. That is right girls, when you pin pin pin and then pin again you run the risk of damage to the hair. The even worse news is that your pony tale holder is even worse for your hair. That is probably the reason that you have all of that breakage and damage though out the hair, especially at the nape of your neck. The Spin Pin literally twists in the hair and twists out when you are done for the day. These pins will hold your hair so tight that even a roller coaster wouldn't make a dent. This is great for making that messy bun look in a flash. The only prob is finding the dang things. They are so popular that they are virtually sold out everywhere (I know because my BFF scoured Chicago on a hunt for them.)



goody spin pin.jpg

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  • i'm so on my way to Rite Aid...(nevermind this ponytail holder in my hair)

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