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Dermalogica, Karma and Milwaukee? Hum.

  I just got back from a mini vacation to the ever glamours fashion mecca of the world Milwaukee, Wisconsin. At risk of telling you my life story I am gonna cut this saga short and give you the info that you need to know as to why I chose Milwaukee. I had friends visiting... Read more »

RGB Cosmetics has the nail colors that you want.

I do not really know how to tell you this but, I think I just found your new favorite nail color. Toast by RGB Cosmetics! This nail polish is def not your mamma’s frosted Revlon, this is high class and on trend sister. Not only are these RGB colors unreal they are also free of harmful... Read more »

Lip Smacker for Paul Frank = Yum!

I know that you have probably not thought about Lip Smacker since low fat diets were cool but uh if I have my way with you your inner tween is about to pop right out! I am not really sure what it us about Lip Smacker for Paul Frank (that’s right, the cute money t-shirt line) that... Read more »

How to choose the best size of highlights for hair.

So yesterday I was talking to a stylist from a local barbershop and we were discussing the difference between doing hair for men and doing hair for women. When we got to talking about women she said, “Well women know food.” I was like, “Uhhhhh what does that have to do with hair?” She said when... Read more »

The Goody Spin Pins are hot like Robert Pattinson.

The Goody Spin Pins might just be putting some hairstylist out of biz. Ok well, maybe it’s not that dramatic but seriously, these things are really an amazing new invention. Just when I think that I have seen it all in the beauty industry someone somewhere comes up with something new that blows my flippen mind! ... Read more »

Do not forget about the neck, chest and hands! SPF is key.

  So here is your little reminder that you should never forget about your neck, chest and the top of hands. The truth is that we are all so obsessed with keeping out faces looking young with SPF and anti wrinkle treatments that we forget about the rest of our bodies! Who wants a tight face... Read more »

Fekkai Marine Summer Hair Collection might be the answer to your hair prayers.

Let’s be honest, this weather is hot like a kitchen. People with wavy or curly hair know that this weather is like a cute hair death wish. The truth is that it is hard to fight nature. I always say just kind of go with it and do not fight it. The good news for... Read more »

Follow Beauty brands and magazines on Twitter. Here are my faves!

So I wanted to give you the heads up that you can add your fave brand or product line on Twitter for the most up to date info on deals and contests. I try to follow all of my favorite makeup brands and magazines. I love knowing when they launch new colors or when my celeb hair... Read more »

The all mighty Polish Change! A $5.00 best friend.

The all mighty Polish Change! A $5.00 best friend.
Follow Pretty Cheap       I am about to make your life so much better! I am not sure if you are a mani pedi freak like I am, I mean really why wouldn’t you be? There is nothing more relaxing than well, relaxing for an hour and 10 mins reading a trash... Read more »

I want to help you find a new signature scent!

I feel like something that I keep hearing is that people are constantly on the look out for a signature scent. I must admit that I was walking through Ulta the other day and I was a little bored with well, everything. I mean at this point we have seen it all. If I see... Read more »