Lip Smacker for Paul Frank = Yum!

I know that you have probably not thought about Lip Smacker since low fat diets were cool but uh if I have my way with you your inner tween is about to pop right out! I am not really sure what it us about Lip Smacker for Paul Frank (that's right, the cute money t-shirt line) that I love more the smooth texture or the cute packaging. Who really cares right, you need a lip balm or chapstick and that lame old one you are using from 3 years ago needs to be tossed. Paul Frank has a few options and work well as gifts for everyone from your niece to your grandma. We have a Paul Frank store here in Chicago so dip on in and pick up one or 10 today! You can also shop with Paul Frank online. 
Paul Frank

851 W. Armitage Avenue
Chicago, IL

p: 773-388-3122

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